Narda's familyIf you have recently immigrated here, we want to welcome you to our community.

We offer you one-to-one support with important information about keeping your family together.  We can work with you step by step to help you and your family on your path to a brighter future.

Our case managers are available to help you with translation and can refer you and your family to resources for English as a Second Language (ESL) classes; nonprofit, low-cost legal immigration information/services throughout the Bay Area; and other community services to help you navigate our culture in North America.

It can often seem overwhelming when you begin life in a new country, but you are not alone!  If you are interested in learning more, please visit anytime during our regular client hours, or call and set up an appointment to talk to one of our case managers.  All of our case managers are bilingual in English/Spanish.


Thanks to our many community supporters, we are able to assist 1,200 low-income immigrants each year.